Glass is a fundamental element in the windows of any home or building. In addition to providing natural lighting and views to the outside, glass also plays an important role in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. In our company, we have a wide variety of glass and crystals of different ranges, qualities and colors, to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Below, we present the most common types of glass for windows:

Simple glass: It is the most basic and economical glass. It offers good clarity and transparency, but is not very efficient in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Double glass or double glazing: It is a more efficient option than single glass. It consists of two glass panels separated by an air chamber, which provides better thermal and acoustic insulation.

Safety glass: It is a particularly resistant glass designed to resist impacts and breakage. It is ideal for homes with children or pets.

Solar control glass: This glass is designed to reduce the amount of heat that enters the room through the windows. It is ideal for warm and sunny climates.

Decorative glass: This type of glass has a special finish that provides a decorative look to the windows. It can be used to increase privacy and aesthetics in different environments.

In summary, in our company we have a wide range of glass and window panes, which adapt to the needs of each client. If you need more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and offer the best quality and variety of options.

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